The Team


Our Renew Chicago team consists of individuals who are passionate about the continual building of the goodness and the greatness of the city. Meet our team:   Mike Rolfes serves as the Director of Renew Chicago. His heart for the city is shown through the ways in which he lives by serving others. Mike enjoys […]



We have a great vision for the city, but we can’t even think about fulfilling this vision without your help. There are several opportunities across the city for you to get involved from city cleanup, to tutoring, to after-school programs. If you have certain gifts and skills it is almost guaranteed that those gifts can […]

Cultural and Economic Renewal


Through economic and cultural renewal we seek to prepare, help and invest in people who need and desire meaningful work for the workplace. We also invest time and resources into American micro-lending initiatives as well as seed funding. In seed funding we invest in start-ups that promise either to create social good or employ folks […]

Neighborhood Impact

Renew Chicago’s initiative to reach 200+  micro neighborhoods through targeted, impactful service

We aim to build structure, and get people engaged where they live and work. We believe every neighborhood is unique, from the people, to its history. We believe in the betterment of Chicago by working within the community to discover ways to improve it, and the lives of those who live there. This we aim to accomplish through community projects, outreach, and service, and awareness.

We bring to the table a mobile force of caring individuals with a heart to help make the great city of Chicago even better. We care deeply for those around us, and feel a call to action. Join us. See what is being done all around you and get involved in your neighborhood. Don’t know where to begin? We can help…

To learn more about Chicago neighborhood development and find out how you can get involved contact Matt de Nazarie.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Rainbow Cone-Beverly


    Location: 12 miles south of the Loop Home To: Beverly is known for its Irish heritage and many architectural riches, such as an Irish castle and many Frank Lloyd Wright homes. Organizations/Ministries: Community Christian Academy Demographics: White (64.7%), Black (32%), Hispanic (2.9%)2 Learn: Beverly was annexed to Chicago in 1890, but remained prairie land for […]

  • DSCF1597

    Armour Square

    Location:  3 miles south of the Loop Includes Armour Heights, Wentworth Gardens, and Chinatown neighborhoods Home To: The 4th largest Chinatown in the U.S. and the Chicago White Sox. Organizations/Ministries: Chinese Christian Union Church and Pui Tak Center Demographics: Asian (60.9%), White (19%), Black (17.1%), Hispanic (3.7%) Learn:  Armour Square found its beginnings when German […]

  • logan07

    Logan Square

    Location:  5 miles northwest of the Loop (Bordering neighborhoods: Humboldt Park, Avondale, Bucktown, Hermosa, and Belmont) Home To: Largest Puerto Rican and Cuban populations in Chicago. There are also many historic boulevards. Organizations/Ministries:  Inner City Impact, New Community Covenant Church Demographics: African or African-American (4.87%), Asian (1.34%), Native American (0.27%), Hispanic (65.08%), White (26.29%) Learn: […]

  • hermosa-banner


    Location:  6 miles northwest of the Loop Home To: Hermosa Park that hosts many sports events that foster community in the neighborhood. Organizations and Ministries: Park District, Iglesia Eva Bautista de Kildare Ave. Demographics: Black (2.63%), Asian (0.41%), Indigenous Native American (0.26%), Hispanic (84.24%), White (11.18%) Learn:  Scottish immigrants were the first major ethnic group […]

  • Bridgeport-banner


    Location:  3 miles southwest of the Loop Home To: A diverse, working class area increasingly known as an artists’ neighborhood. Five Chicago mayors were born here. Organizations/Ministries: First Trinity Lutheran Church, New Life Community Church Demographics: White (53.6%), Hispanic (30.2%), Asian (26.3%), Other (15.4%) Learn:  It was the Illinois & Michigan Canal in 1836 that […]

  • Altgeld Gardens banner

    Altgeld Gardens

      Location: South Home To: “The Gardens” is the first public housing project in the United States and the neighborhood where Barack Obama had his start as a community organizer in the 80s. Demographics: Black (97%) Learn: Back in the day, Altgeld Gardens was built in 1945 to deal with the housing needs of African-Americans […]

  • austin


    Location: 7 miles west of the loop Home To: The largest neighborhood population of Chicago’s 77, the well-known landmark of town hall modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia, and the Jens Jensen-designed Columbus Park. Demographics: Black (89.7%), White (4.82%), and Hispanic (4.12%) Learn: Henry Austin purchased 470 acres in 1865 for a temperance settlement named […]

  • auburngresham

    Auburn Gresham

    Location: Southwest Home To: Beautiful and peaceful Auburn Park, the Dr.Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Entertainment Center, and a community in the midst of revitalization. Organizations/Ministries: St. Sabina African-American Catholic Church, Greater Auburn-Gresham Development Corporation Demographics: Black (98.4%), Two or more races (0.7%), Hispanic (0.6%), White (0/5%) Learn: Back in the day, twenty-one percent of Auburn […]

  • bronzeville


    Location:  3 miles South of the Loop Home To: The former “Black Metropolis” is a treasure trove of historical and cultural landmarks and experiences of the entrepreneurs, civil rights leaders, artists, and musicians of the Black community. Demographics: Black (85.5%), White (6.59%), Asian (5.25%) Learn: Known as one of the most famous centers of African-American […]

  • albanypark

    Albany Park

    Location: Northwest Home To: One of the most ethnically diverse zip codes in the country, “Koreatown”, and great little restaurants. Organizations/Ministries: World Relief Chicago, Albany Park Community Center, Lawrence Avenue Development Corporation, Healthy Albany Park Coalition. Demographics: White (49.5%), Hispanic (46.4%), Other (21.7%), Asian (17.7%), Black (3.8%) Learn: Albany Park grew from a sparsely settled farming […]

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